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Together we can BeefUp Sustainability

We believe beef can be a force for good. A force to address the urgency of climate change. And to build a stronger, more resilient world.

Immediate action is needed now more than ever.

At Cargill, we confront challenges head on. We put in the work to find practical, scalable solutions. We forge partnerships to drive the change we know is needed. But it will take work.

So, we are collaborating. We are sharing ideas and learning from each other. We are doing the work. Together, we will unlock the potential in beef that will benefit us all.

Explore what inspires us and where we are on this journey.

A group of cows in a field with a river

A force for good

We have a big goal – to cut beef emissions by 30% in North America – and an ambitious plan to make it happen. Agriculture is how, together, we can make beef more sustainable and help the world thrive.

From traditional farming techniques to the latest technology, we're working with a network of ranchers, farmers and partners in agriculture and beyond, to transform and secure the future of beef through our four pillars.


We’re taking our lead from nature and ranchers, with approaches to grazing and land management that keep cattle on the move, revitalize soils and help wildlife to flourish.



We’re helping scale-up practices like nutrient management and regenerative farming in cattle feed production, where no-till and cover crops can help maintain healthy soils and promote carbon sequestration.

Hands holding soil


Navigating the many challenges of a changing climate while feeding a growing population requires creativity and drive. We’re investing in innovation, going well beyond today’s status quo to create solutions that are better for the environment, the livestock and the people raising cattle.

A smiling person, looking up


From the field to the dinner table, we are committed to delivering nourishment and support for all. We recognize that nothing should go to waste – which is why we work with our partners across every part of our value chain to maximize our shared potential for positive impact.

An empty plate with a knife and fork

A sustainable future

With you, our partner, we will tackle some of the greatest challenges of our time. Working with farmers, ranchers, retailers, and restaurants, we will innovate our businesses to reduce our emissions, protect vibrant farming and ranching communities and create beef that is better – for all.


Cargill and A&W Canada partner with ALUS to scale climate change mitigation efforts

August 2021

Collaborating to advance rancher-led regenerative agricultural practices through the “New Acre™ Project.”

Cargill launches a cross-industry collaboration to accelerate dairy-beef crossbreeding

August 2021

A three-year Dairy Beef Accelerator program will support producers in advancing their understanding of the benefits of cattle crossbreeding.

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Sysco and Cargill to scale sustainable grazing practices across 1 million acres of grassland in the Southern Great Plains

April 19, 2021

Initiative supports efforts by ranchers in region that produces 30 percent of beef in the U.S., focuses on carbon sequestration.

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